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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{{ Tri-Cities, WA Portrait Photographer }} Investment

If you want to schedule a session with me, I do have a minimum investment requirement.  Because, a portrait session with me is just that, an investment.  I don't just snap a photo and hand over a file.  I am one who is always saying "Take pictures."  And by that, I don't mean "Take professional pictures", I mean, take pictures: professional, point & shoot, cell phone, photo booth at the mall, etc.

My Daughter at 9 months, who is now 42 months old.

Time and moments are fleeting.  Memories can be forever with one single photo.

From a series of photos I took of my kids at our dining table, called 'A Tale of Two Suckers'

40 years from now, you can look at an image from your college graduation, your wedding, your child's birth, your Daughter's first day of Kindergarten, your Son's first baseball game, your husband walking your Daughter down the aisle....  the list goes on.  As you take a nice, long look at one of those photos, memories will come floating back in and swirling about, possibly causing tears of joy to pool in the corner of your eye.

My Son's first summer of swimming lessons.

This is why I have a minimum investment for sessions.  I capture memories.  Not only do I capture them, I plan  to capture them.  I compose thoughts and feelings within the frames.  I can't do this alone though, I need your help.  I need you to be YOU.  After our session, I finesse images with care, creating a gallery of memories to lose yourself in.  My goal for each session is to have you walk away with images to showcase and memories for preservation.  I believe everyone should have gorgeous memories dancing around the walls, playing in albums and image boxes, and lying in wait in digital form.

Don't all photographer-Moms hold their kids down and tickle them for a genuine smile? 

I have my own personality.  I have my own technique.  I have my own personal experiences.  I have my own style.  I have passion.

I took my kids to the park during the Fall so they could actually play in some leaves, since we had none at our house
Every family has their own personality, style, passion....  I want my clients to fall in love with my style, and more-or-less me when they schedule a session.  I want them to be passionate about capturing this moment in their lives.
From the first time we took the kids bowling.  My Son has been asking to go back ever since.

I may or I may not be the perfect fit for someone.  I may be priced more than Photographer A or less than Photographer B.  I encourage clients to shop around so they can find a photographer they fall in love with.  If you're going to make an investment in a portrait session, please be sure it is an investment you will fall in love with every time you view images from your session.  I understand budgets, so think about it as if you're shopping for a new living room set or television, or even perhaps a larger item, such as a car or house.  And remember, you are not just capturing memories for yourself, but for your friends and family and children as well.
My Mom told me to hand over the camera when we went to the pumpkin patch.  I am VERY thankful she did!


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