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Thursday, July 14, 2011

{{Just Us}} Madalynn's 3rd Birthday: PARTY!!

See Madalynn's Birthday here

Since I didn't get any good photos of the cake pops AT my Daughter's birthday, I thought I'd start the post off with a picture of them.  Watch out Starbucks!! :)  And yes, I was finishing these up after 10pm the night before her birthday....
Delicious, right?!  And they were sooooo tasty!

On to the party!

Now, last year, I was the 'bad' Mom (well, I really just felt bad) who didn't throw a party for her Daughter turning 2.  So to make up for my lack of SuperMomness this year, I planned and planned.  With the help of Pinterest, I was able to plan my Daughter's Sweet Treats birthday party.  I actually over-planned and didn't get to do everything I wanted, but I was still so happy and excited with the way it turned out.

Pink lemonade, fits right in!

I found this awesome jar at a local store (Tuesday Morning), and grabbed it right up.... it was perfect!!
See the fruit to the right of the jar?  That was a big hit!  It's called fruit salsa, and went so perfectly with the cinnamon-sugar 'chips'!  I will be making this ALL the time!

Below are Thumbprint Cookies and Kiss Pies.  Now, I had never tasted Nutella before making these, but I think I am now addicted!!  And the Thumbprint Cookies were SO tasty, and not bad for you either =)

I couldn't just have it all sweets, so I threw in some fun veggie cups.
Mug Shot!
 My Cousin, what a poser ;)
 My Mom and her grandbabies.  SO sweet!
 It's CAKE time!  This time, instead of going the traditional route, I had run across a very cool post on Pinterest (again :) and decided to instead make a rice krispy cake.
>the birthday girl<

"Happy Birthday to Madalynn"



Mmmm Mom. Cake pop?

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl.  I'll love you more we even know.


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